24 July 2009

♪ Who'll Stop the Rain? ♪

I surely wish someone would! I think I'm getting mouldy! Between the humidity and the rain and overcast and fog, I am starting to get mouldy! And cranky! It is getting harder and harder to keep up the old spirits and put on a happy face. This weather is just plain beating everyone down into a deep hole of depression. I actually said to John a couple of days ago that I couldn't wait for fall to arrive. Summer hasn't even been here yet and I want fall to come. At least then we will get some decent weather. September/October are always are best months of the year in our part of the world. So I say, you can take this summer and shove it, bring on September.

Even my sock isn't cheering me up this morning and it is coming along nicely. I actually attempted a short row heel. Not the best, but probably not the worst I've seen:

I think I need a lesson. I have a friend who does a beautiful short row heel and I will have to ask her to come out to Knit Nite one evening and show us her technique. But this will do for now and I think the green will pick up where I have rejoined it in the front enough so I will be happy with the colour change. I really love how the colours in this yarn gradually change with the subtle shadings! Really pretty yarn.

We are going out for dinner tonight and then to Bear River in Digby County for the weekend and then on Monday, our kids arrive! And here is the weather forecast for next week:

Long Term Forecast

Jul. 25
Jul. 26
Jul. 27
Jul. 28
Jul. 29
Jul. 30

See........ little yellow suns in the sky. Do you think that means it might actually be sunny or do you think Environment Canada is just taunting us so we don't all go out and start abusing weather forecasters?


A Crafty Mom said...

I think something good has got to come of all those yellow suns! We have rain *again* here today too and I am tiring of chatting with the neighbours and saying, "well, at least our grass is a beautiful, rich green this year".

I'll take brown, dead grass and hot sunny weather I think :)

See you Monday . . . the boys are all packed and ready to go, counting the hours already and it's only Friday.

lexa said...

The Environment Canada website shows the only day with sun in the next seven days is Sunday. I wonder which forecast is correct -- I hope it's yours. :)

Frieda said...

Boy can I sympathize! I looked at our 5 day forcast and guess what , more rain , though there might be a couple of hours of sun here and there .

The socks are gorgeous , you always find some interesting yarns for your socks.

Have a good weekend !


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