25 May 2009

Blogoversary May 30th

This will be the fourth year for my blog. Four years ago, I was in our local LYS, The Ball & Skein, and saw Just in the Knit of Time with her blog and thought it was just the greatest idea. So of course, being me, I jumped in with both feet and no real plan. Initially it was to be a knitting blog. Then we started having grandkids and of course holidays that we wanted to share with our family and friends, so the blog became a vehicle for that too. We also have our dogs who give us no end of chuckles and/or frustration and often present us with the perfect Kodak moment that just has to be posted. Hence it has evolved into what it is today, knitting, dogs, family life. And I will say that I enjoy and look back in it, remembering some of the highlights of the past years!

To celebrate my blogoversary, I am having a party at Knit Nite this week. Everyone who comes will put their name in a pot and then we will draw names until the prizes, which will be culled from my stash, are gone. There will be cake and coffee and cold drinks! I am hoping everyone has a great time and I get rid of some of my stash. You know, the stuff you buy just because it is "so pretty" or "on sale" or "imagine what I could knit with this". And it sits, and sits and sits and you look at it and feel sorry for neglecting it, but what can you do. It just isn't right for the new project you are going to knit. So you buy another skein(s) of exactly the right yarn and put the poor neglected yarn back in its container, hidden away, out of sight, out of mind. No guilt here!

So here are the prizes:

Lucy Neatby Celestial and the Fleece Artist Somoko

Arequipa in Beach & Lily Pond colourways

And these are give-aways to the first person who sees them and wants them. I bought the Alp Lights in Sweden and it is not what I thought it would be. It looked really funky in the skeins and I thought it would make a really cool scarf, but when I wound it into a cake, duh, it was all different types of yarn TIED together. So that is not something I do not want and will cheerfully give it away. Or if nobody wants it, it goes in the garbage!

This kit is also to be given away to the first person that would like it. It is the Lucy Neatby Beaded Bracelet & I bought it thinking I would do it whilst Iwas in the hospital having my knee replacement surgeries, and again, duh? Totally just not my thaaang!

So this is the plan for Knit Nite this week. Hope we have lots of people here and everyone has fun!

The French Open is on and My Roger is playing right now! So guess what I am going to do?

NB: The Bracelet kit is now off the giveaway table. It has been spoken for by one of my loyal readers!


lexa said...

Hoping to be there!

A Crafty Mom said...

What about your loyal readers?

I know someone who would like the bracelet kit but she can't be at knit night. You will see her next week though :)

Frieda said...

Congratulations and happy Blogoversary ! Love the new look BTW . Wishing I could get to Knit Nite , that Beach Arequipa would be right up my alley ;_)) !

Have fun !

Heddy said...

Love the new look - what a great present!`

I am looking forward to the blogiverary party/knit night. cake .... mmmm.

Landerson said...

Love the new look Mom:)

Dorothy said...

I like the new look
And Happy Blogaversary!
Hope all your yarn found nice new homes ... hate to think you may have thrown that one type out.
OK, I've commented ... guess that means I'm due to update soon :)


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