28 March 2009

Getting ready to go Home!!!

Not that I am excited or anything. We have had a lovely time here with family and friends, but now that our departure date is tomorrow, I am so ready to go home. I have my yarn all sorted and planned for the drive. I have started the jumper for Reese and will mostly work on that as I am doing it in the round and it is mostly plain knitting. I am also taking yarn to knit another Noro Scarf. Again brain dead knitting. I will NOT be working on the Faroese Flower Shawl as it requires a certain amount of concentration and although I am finding the pattern relatively intuitive, I am not going to risk it. I am up to row 93 of 145 rows, I would guess about halfway through because of the increases that continue in every other row till the end. But I am getting there and quite enjoying it!!

Most everything has been packed up, kitchen stuff, etc. Both of our big suitcases are just waiting for a final load of laundry and then they are ready. The rest of our stuff, and some things of Lauren's, are ready to go. That vehicle is going to be FULL!!

John is off to the driving range this morning to practise with his new club. A hybrid he tells me. I thought those were cars, but who knew. Anyway, he is very pleased with it. Or he may just stay here and go for a long walk and sit out on the beach with me for a while.

I am going down to the beach for my last day in the sun. I hope to remember to put sun screen on this time. Last time I did everything but my chest, which is now quite red and a couple of weeks ago I forgot to do my legs. I am now peeling my 4th or 5th layer from that bit of forgetfulness! Getting old sucks or maybe I need to increase my ginkgo.

The weather looks to be perfect today and Tuesday morning when we head home!!!! Big thunderstorms and rain here yesterday, but it really cleared the air of all the humidity.

I have one more errand to do today. It requires secrecy as it is a shower gift for KN friend Marti who has finally had her darling little pinto bean. Check out her site for details and pics.

And lastly, progress pictures of the shawl.

The picture on the left shows a view of the front. This shawl has a slight shoulder and that is how it will drape when finished. The second picture is the same view from the back. Imagine it when it is stretched and blocked properly and you can see all the flowers and pattern. I just finished my first ball of wool at this point, and have 2 balls left, but I think going down a size in the needles will account for not using the required amount of yarn. Not sure what I would do with that leftover yarn....... socks maybe? Duh!

Next post comes to you from Nova Scotia!!!


Frieda said...

Have a safe trip home! The shawl is absolutely stunning so far , beautiful , beautiful ...

Marti said...

I am sooo loving the shawl. It's gorgeous. Have a safe journey.


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