12 December 2008

Obligatory Grandkid pics

Some of these pictures are a bit blurry! It is really difficult to get boys to stay still and smile at the same time.

This is Pete who is going to be 5 in March & David who turned 3 in October:

Miss Leah who will be 1 in January:

On Saturday we all went to pick out a Christmas tree:

Pete and David helped and then went to make snow angels with sister Leah:

Sunday morning we awoke to a fresh layer of snow, so of course the boys were off sledding:

And lastly, to maintain the integrity of this knitting blog, the hat I am knitting:

The yarn is not exactly the same as the scarf, but as you can see, it matches up nicely when you put them together. I should finish this today and pop it in the mail to the lucky recipient on Monday!


lexa said...

They can keep that snow, lol! I'm sure I liked it when I was a kid. The hat looks good -- she'll love that set, for sure!

Shannon said...

CUTE - I like the snow angel picture, it's adorable. The hat is AWESOME and remember I apparently have a big head :-)

Landerson said...

I agree, they can keep the snow! Love the snow angels! And who's the lucky recipient? Very nice!

Frieda said...

Love the pics of the grandkids , both handsome boys and pretty little miss Leah .It looks like a good time was had by all !


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