09 December 2008


Well I will tell you one thing. On a long car trip, one can accomplish a lot of knitting! My husband much prefers driving as he is not a great passenger and me being able to knit in the car without getting motion sick, works well for both of us.

Thursday night before we left, I finished the Koolhaas hat for Shan.

It fits ok but could be another pattern repeat longer.
However, she likes it and can wear it when it is not desperately cold.

Then Thursday morning in the car I started these socks for David. I didn't actually finish them till after I tried them on to make sure they would fit. They do:

Thursday night in the hotel room I set up for the Noro Scarf, using the Lang Mille Colori that I bought last spring instead of the Noro Silk Garden and it came out beautifully if I do say so myself!

And guess whose jacket it matched perfectly? Shannon's! It is so soft and warm, she will be cosy all winter with this scarf! I have about 6 inches left to knit and that will be finished. I bought 2 more balls of the wool whilst I was up there in case I didn't have enough, but I won't need them. I am thinking I may knit a hat or mitts to go with the scarf.

That's my knitting progress for the past week. Now what to start............... hmmmmm


lexa said...

Very productive and great finished items!

Marti said...

Adorable on all fronts.

Landerson said...

Wow, you did all that in a week?! It all looks great....especially love the hat:)

Shannon said...

You should travel more often so you can be so productive :-) We had a wonderful visit, I love the hat! And I certainly need it since we got about 20 cms yesterday and last night. Good timing that you left on Monday. School is even canceled today!!


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