10 November 2008

Don't say it, I know....

Blue socks again. I bought this yarn in Ottawa and it is called Apple Pie by Apple Laine. I am attempting the toe up sock once more, this time with much better success. I did the Turkish Cast On and it went well. There is a wonderful tutorial online. I am doing a Wendy Johnson design to qualify for the SKA KAL called Double Eyelet Rib toe up socks. And last night I used the Garter Stitch short row heel that we learned at the Lucy Neatby workshop. She gave us handouts which was helpful to refresh my memory. Missing the last page with how to finish it off was not. So as it was late last evening, I decided to wing it, instead of calling on my friend Marti for help. ( She was a good student and went home and did one. ) It doesn't look perfect, but I am going with it, at least until I see it in the light of day. Which will be now to take this picture:

And if I do say so myself, it looks pretty good. I will also confess that I don't hate knitting them this way. Once I have done it a few times and reach a comfort level with doing it the "wrong" way, I am sure I will be more willing to tackle more intricate patterned Toe Up socks!

We had a relatively quiet weekend. We went out to a friend's for dinner Friday night where we played Canasta, a game neither of us has ever played before and we had a great time. I found it easy to pick up as it is much like gin rummy which my best girlfriend and I played incessantly as teens! Saturday night we again went out to other friends' home for dinner and again had a lovely time. And Sunday I knit and caught up on my DVR'd programs! That's how I made so much progress on the sock!

This will be a quiet week coming up. Mags has her yearly appointment at the vet for a physical and shots and we are having friends in for dinner on Tuesday night ( more Canasta ) and then more friends on Friday night. Wednesday John goes to the valley for a two day conference and gets home Friday afternoon. And this weekend, Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie with Daniel Craig is on!

Maybe it isn't going to be as quiet this week as I thought.


Shannon said...

Canasta? Sounds like fun! (And definitely sounds like something for a retired person - ok, ok, just teasing!). I think the sock looks great :-) Enjoy yourself while dad is away.

lexa said...

I play Canasta on Pogo, but I don't think I'd be able to play it in person! It's so much easier when the computer looks after things.

You and Marti are definitely prone to blues, aren't you? The socks look good to me so far.

Frieda said...

Won't say it ;-) , gorgeous socks , with a very interesting heel . I always knit cuff down socks ; haven't yet mastered short row heels .This one looks really neat ! Wish Lucy Neatby would head up this way for some classes .

We've got a date to see the new Bond film as well this weekend . Can't wait ,from the previews it looks to be as good as the last one .


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