19 November 2008

Can you believe it?

We went to Halifax ( Bayers Lake) yesterday to do some Christmas shopping!

John absolutely hates my old computer, so we got him a new HP desktop at Staples. It is slimline and has wireless all set up. That is his Christmas present. I am getting my computer guy to come out and make sure it works though. I am not really comfortable with the routers and we have two so I am hoping we will be able to get rid of one now! Our next stop was the LazyBoy store in Bayers Lake where we found the exact chair we wanted for his upstairs den/study and it was " on sale" so we were pleased. His December birthday present! Next John spent some time at the liquour store getting in some wine for the holiday season. We did a quick run through Costco and picked up a few things, but not the dessert I was looking for. Last year they had a cranberry tart thing that was light and delicious and I was hoping to get a few of those for the freezer. Maybe next time (she said hopefully).

I took my socks with me to knit on the drive into the city. Five minutes into the trip I realized that I had patterned the sole of the toe up sock and had to frog about 2 inches of the sock back to the end of the toe increases! Scream of frustration! By the time we got to the city I was finally back to where I had to rip out so I made no sock progress on that trip. My goal was to get to the heel on that sock. Sad, so sad.

On the postive side, I am really coming along nicely with the Lima sweater for Lauren. I just have to cast off for the left side and collar ribbing and then do the right side and a belt. I see the belt as being deadly boring, But it is looking very good and I hope it fits her! ( If Nuby comes to KN tonight, I can try it on her. They are about the same size! ) I should have it finished by the weekend at the latest and she is coming here next week for a night whilst Mark has business in the city. Hunter will be coming with her and Miss Reese gets a sleep-over with her SJ grandparents! My camera battery died so it is charging and then I will have a progress picture.
Ok, I took a quick pic and it is a titch blurry, but you get the idea of how it is coming along.

Now I have things to do and people to see!


lexa said...

Christmas came early to your house! It kinda did at mine, too, as last Saturday T had to get a new fridge. Our not even 6.5 year old fridge died, then T happened to the little bar fridge we were using in the meantime. (Don't ask!) So we had to have a new one.

Landerson said...

Ohhhhh I LOVE the sweater! Can't wait:) Thanks!!!!!!

Shannon said...

The sweater looks fabulous, it will be just amazing when it was done. Sorry you didn't get more knitting done on your sock!


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