13 July 2008

More Happy Socks

I finally decided to knit the Erica Alexander pattern Cable Rib Socks using my Fleece Artist hand dyed Somoko! They are so pretty and the cables, one on each side of the leg, show up and don't get lost in the colourway and I am a happy camper!

Today is overcast and a nice day to be inside. We are having friends in for dinner tonight and it also means that our house won't be too warm, as it can get this time of year! So I am puttering around, getting things ready, and playing with blogger and Ravelry, obviously!

I can't believe it is 3 weeks until our girls get here with their families! It will be so much fun seeing the little ones interacting with each other and the adults as well! I have an idea that much barbequing will be done that week! And lots of pictures will get taken. There might also be some partaking of the occasional beverage! We're counting the days down now!

John is outside doing his yardwork. Today he is mowing. Yesterday he used the weed whacker and so the mowing is a breeze today! And tomorrow he golfs!

I have to go to the city one day soon to pick up my computer. I hate the thought of all the stuff I have to save and download from this one to the new one though. That really puts a damper on the fun of getting a new computer! But we do what we have to do and I am lucky to be getting a new computer!

Enough said today!


lexa said...

Today is very nice -- my house is getting great breeze, so it wasn't like an oven when I came home.

Frieda said...

We had a gorgeous day today , a perfect summer day . I love the new socks on the needles . They're such a pretty colour . Good luck with the new computer ...


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