16 July 2008

Knit Nite tonight and other stuff

It is a spectacular day here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and I am on my way shortly to meet friends for lunch. Then some errands and home to sit in front of my fan and knit. My socks are coming along nicely and #1 should be finished tonight! It is Knit Nite tonight here so I will have lots of knitting time.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to the city to pick up my new computer ( which is days away from being hooked up ) and do some errands. I made a detour into Mahone Bay to meet up with a friend and her daughter for lunch and popped into Have A Yarn! Heather has all the Tanis Fiber Arts colours there and they are drop dead gorgeous. A couple came home with me. Did I mention socks for Christmas!?!

She was also telling me about the Lucy Neatby workshop being held there in October. She is trying to decide what courses to offer.

And naturally I added my 2 cents worth.......... a sock workshop! Everyone seems to be knitting socks these days! An email with details will be sent out shortly Heather.

I'm off now! Don't drool on your keyboards seeing these skeins of Tanis!


Heddy said...

lol! how did you know that would catch my interest? I am planning to Neatby, barring any other stuff that comes up in life.
The Tanis are really lovely ... will fondle them in person tonight.


Shannon said...

Beautiful yarn . . . I love the shades of blue, really gorgeous. I'm glad the weather is preparing itself for our arrival. I've been bribing some of the meteorologists with cash, hoping they will be able to swing some nice weather for our trip.

lexa said...


I'd go to her workshop again.

Marti said...

About all of the beautiful BLUE tanis yarn...extremely jealous.

Frieda said...

Looks like your a "blue" kinda gal :-)) . Those are all beautiful colours , especially the darker skein at the bottom.. Love your sock too. You're really cranking them out for the SoS ....


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