11 April 2008

Whoops I did it again!

I just got back home from a lovely springlike sunny day in Lunenburg where I had lunch and did some shopping with a couple of friends. A lovely day was had by all! And on the way I did a slight detour into Mahone Bay and bought these:

Sock yarn, sock yarn, sock yarn! I keep telling myself it is just so I have something small to work on, but, how many small things do I need? And I bought a pattern for socks whilst I was there. It was designed by Marion Bell who worked there and was just a dynamo with knitting needles and yarn. Marion died about a year ago of pancreatic cancer and I just thought this would be a lovely way to remember her!

I also bought another Bees Knees sweater pattern for grandchild # 5 due next month! My next project will be to find some bright boy coloured yarn to knit it in!

On the FO front, here is the little cabled sweater for Miss Reese, finally with both arms sewn in:

I had best get that over to Saint John before she outgrows it.

BTW, I am making a spontaneous trip to Ottawa next week to visit Shannon. She is doing so well with her three little ones, but I know she is busy and would enjoy a little visit from her mother. And now that the weather is better we can take walks and play in the park, assuming the snow is all melted! Also, a movie with Pete to see Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! could also be in the plans! I just mentioned today that I would love to see that film but would prefer to go with kids and then get home and talk to Shan and voila!

We are off to dinner at a friend's house tonight. It is so nice to be able to go out and socialize now that the cold from hell is gone!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

The sweater turned out very cute. I can't believe how you're hooked on socks now! I love the new yarns, especially that top one. My kinda color.

Have fun visiting the grandkids. I'm sure they'll all enjoy it!

Heddy said...

nice sock yarn ... I was a little surprised to see it. I musta been dreaming , but I thought I remember something about the turquoise socks being your last for a while ... musta been a dream (lol!) Socks are addictive. I love the yarns you got!

Have fun in Ottawa! Will you be missing Knit Nite? I can book space at Lanes if you are gone. have a great time visiting the grandkids.

Marti said...

At first I thought you had the yarn leaning up against your actual dog, wherein I was agog at the amount of fleece artist and hand maiden that you bought! Have fun with the grandbabies!


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