10 April 2008

Knit Nite, Noro Socks & Ravelry

Just a quick update today. Last night was the first Knit Nite at my house and it seemed to go well. We all had comfy chairs and good lighting. There was also some good conversation and treats. Donna W brought some delicious lemon squares and chocolate cookies and Heddy brought this:

In case you don't recognize this, it is the ever popular lobster chocolate cupcake cake! And John quite enjoyed all the treats too. He thinks having KN at our house could be a very good thing!

I had Donna W check out my cabled sweater for Reese. I thought the sleeve was in wrong but she assured me that was how hers looked, so I hope to get the other sleeve in today and that will be finished. Then it can be mailed off so she can wear it before she outgrows it! I also need to go to our LYS today to get yarn to do more slippers for Lauren, who has worn hers out! Methinks being pregnant may have contributed to the early demise of this pair. Hers usually last a year or more!

I finished the Noro socks last night and washed them. They did fill out and soften up as Lexa told me they should. I was really disappointed in them because they seemed so rough when I was knitting them. But the finished pair are nice and soft. As they are mainly purple, we know where these socks are going!

And lastly, a comment about Ravelry! This is an amazing site for knitters and I have learned so much ( i.e. how to make the sock holders in the pic above ) from this site, that I decided to donate $10 to help keep them going. We had talked about it briefly last night and I thought it is cheap at that price. I love it and am on the site every day and am making new friends around the world, beside the fact that is is a huge resource for knitters and fibre artists!

I am off now to do stuff.

Bye bye for now.

PS The cold from H___ is almost gone!


Heddy said...

The socks are beautiful! I can't wait to knit mine now -- crap, now I'll be distracted and want to start them right away (i'll have to not look at your blog too often, as seeing yours gives me hte urge to start mine - Monkey See, Monkey Knit!)

Ravelry is awesome, I am going to donate too!

lexa said...

Sorry I missed Knit Nite. The socks look great! I want to make a pair for the store, but I think I'll use the other color. I'll want a pair for me, and I'm sure I'll use this color. Nice to know they did soften up and "bloom".

Marti said...

There is a Ravelraiser link that I'll try and send to you...there's a bit of an incentive with winning yarn and stuff. Not sure if you've already seen it or not, but perhaps you have. Anyhow, I'd like to donate as well, which I think I will.
I'll try and pull my weight in the sweets department next time! I see light suppers on Wednesdays in my future.

Marti said...

PS: Love the socks. Not a huge Noro fan, but I might just need to make me some of these socks.


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