24 April 2008

Ripping back

Not a good post title for a knitter, I realize. Last night was Knit Night and we were a small but productive group! I was showing everyone the Rainbow Jacket I started Tuesday evening and was quite proud of myself. I had swatched, chosen the correct needle size, read the pattern from start to finish, and still managed to screw it up.

Donna W., who does some knitting for yarn shops, had knit this sweater, and noticed that when I went from cuff to sleeve, I hadn't turned the knitting over so the front of the sweater was now the back of the cuff. If I don't do that, then when the cuff is folded over, the ugly wrong side would be showing.

I debated with myself and the others. I didn't think the wrong side was that ugly. It would be an interesting quirk. But then reality set in and I knew it had to go. So I took a deep breath and did the dirty deed! By the end of the evening I was back to where I started. So no progress but the sweater will be properly knitted, and as an anal retentive person, that is more important to me!

Donna W, one of our Knitterpudlians, is one very busy lady. Along with everything else she does, she is making these lovely small project bags and selling them through Have A Yarn, my favourite yarn shop, in Mahone Bay. She took nine to the store the other day and two sold before she left! Was she pleased or what. They really are lovely and just perfect for holding a sock project. Sturdy but light. And the zipper pull has a couple of stitch holders on it! She was showing them to us last week, and two managed to stay here, one with me and one with Marti. This is the one that stayed with me. Just a coincidence how well it matches my Broadripple socks.

I am off to Bridgewater this afternoon to have my nails done. Cute aside: When I was in Ottawa with the kids, I was putting Pete's seatbelt on and he piped up at me, " Be careful of your nails Nana. Remember last time you were here you broke one!" There are so many little parts to push in on the child's car seats today. I must have reacted with enthusiasm for him to remember that from my previous visit. Amazing what strange things they remember!

Bye bye for now!

1 comment:

lexa said...

Kids remember everything! It's amazing.

I love the bag you chose. It does match your socks perfectly! I asked Donna when she gets more made to please bring some in to our store. I'd sell them for the same price as HAY.

Sorry I couldn't make it last night. My back is better but still too uncomfortable for me. Hopefully next week!


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