21 April 2008

Home again, home again, Jiggety Jig!

Well I am home for a few more weeks and then I am off to Saint John to be the helper when Lauren has Baby # 2!

I had a great visit in Ottawa with Shan, Paul, Peter, David and Leah.

Shannon & Leah hanging out the laundry:

Paul checking out the repairs needed on the gate:

Pete in the lawn chair soaking up the sun:

Dave totally engrossed in his Scobby Doo DVD, hence he was still for this picture:

Leah just being happy:

And Rudy! Just hanging out with his family:

The weather was amazing, sunny and hot...25 degrees Celius! And the snow melted. The first day I was there, one of the neighbours was out in his front yard in shorts and a t shirt, shoveling snow off his front lawn. Totally cracked me up! Everyone had piles of leftover snowbanks everywhere when I arrived on Thursday and it was pretty much gone by Sunday. I think the Ottawa people are really glad to see the end of winter and all the snow!

I did manage to pick a few things up at the yarn store Wool Tyme. I bought 4 balls of Lang Mille Colori and think I am going to make an Entralac scarf with it.

I also picked up some Paton's Merino to knit another pair of slippers. I think my sister in England said that hers were kind of ratty so I will knit her a pair and send them over with the ones I did for Ian.

I am actually knitting a swatch tonight before starting the sweater kit I got for Christmas so I am off to watch TV and swatch!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Nice yarns. My poor friend in Calgary has a bunch of snow again. More in their forecast, too, I think. They can keep it.

Donna said...

Couldn't leave anyone out, huh? We had a great time and the boys really miss you!!! But no more Bundle-bee fights :-)

Shannon said...

Sorry - I was still logged in as you.


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