10 March 2008


The JoJo sweater for Leah is finished and being blocked. I had to soak it in Eucalan as I somehow managed to get a spot on the back. Looks good. Now all I need is buttons. I hate sewing on buttons almost as much as I hate sewing things together. And using the mattress stitch gives a lovely finish but is slower going than my old sewing up method.

Now I need to finish the Green Vine socks as I am donating them to a silent auction being held during the QASL St. Patrick's Day party fundraiser on Saturday night. A worthy cause and a fun time! My quandry is: are they called the Green Vine socks because they were knit with a pale green yarn? Or because they are meant to represent a green vine? Should I call mine the pale mauve Green Vine socks. Or the Mauve Vine socks? I feel that to put them in the auction, I need to have some sort of name for them. I know if I call them Green Vine socks, people are going to think I have a problem with colours, as of course they are pale mauve! Help!

My next goal is to finish the cabled sweater for Reese. It was totally my commitment not to start another project until I finish that, but........ I am leaving on Sunday for a trip to Sweden for the World Figure Skating Championships and need to take a project that is easier to carry and that doesn't require too much concentration. Apparently my recent purchases of sock yarn should give me a hint as to what I will be taking. Beside the fact that I am hoping to be able to smuggle my bamboo needles aboard the plane in Heathrow. I know I can take them from Canada, but am not sure about the other airports. I have checked all the security rules from each airport and they say no pointed items, i.e. knives, corkscrews etc., but do not mention wooden knitting needles. I am also taking a pair in my checked luggage in case they do get confiscated. But they are wooden and I am thinking if I put the in a book, they may just not be noticed. I tried putting them in a pen, having removed the ink cartridge, but they were too long. I feel like a criminal, but we will be flying or in airports from late Sunday night until suppertime on Monday. That is an inordinately long time to waste when I could be knitting and help pass the time much faster! Wait! I just had a thought....... how about one of those small round metal glasses cases? I could even buy the glasses to go in them.

Nothing much else going on here today. I am off to town later for buttons for the Leah sweater, some groceries and a pop into Tim's for lunch. And maybe check out the size of glasses cases at Pharmasave.

Bye bye for now!


Heddy said...

How about calling them Grape Vine Socks? They are purple, and grapes make a vine? meh, I tired -- amybe someone will come uo with a more clever name.

Marti said...

Grape Vine sounds good to me.

lexa said...

grape vine


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