10 March 2008

Another Ta- Dah!

Here is the JoJo sweater for Leah finished:


And the dearest buttons that match the colours in the sweater exactly:


Marti said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the buttons!
Question; how does one do the two sleeves at a time thing? I've seen plenty of info on how to do them in the round...and perhaps I'm being a little dense but I can't get my head around how to do two of them flat. Maybe I'll play around with it tonight.

lexa said...

Those buttons match perfectly! Those little sock yarn sweaters are adorable. :)

Frieda said...

I just love your little sweater ; the colours are so bright and cheerful ! I'm not good at finishing , my seams don't turn out as well as I'd like, hence not much sweater knitting going on here. The buttons are perfect ! BTW , hope you enjoy your trip to Sweden and the Figure Skating Championships.


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