14 January 2008

To the Knit Nite girls

I am knitting a pair of socks with yarn I got at the Gaspereau Valley Fibres shop. I am on the foot part of the first sock and hope to finish it tomorrow. Just a regular sock, nothing fancy, but a sock nonetheless! I will take pictures of the finished product.

Today is busy and I have bridge tonight, so there will be little if any knitting!


Heddy said...

woo whoo! Glad to see you are back on the sock knitting wagon ... I love socks, they are so fun!

lexa said...

Yay for the sock knitting! There are so many nice patterns out there now, too. Check out Boyfriend Socks sometime, a really nice cabled sock. There's all sorts of neat lacy ones, too.


I've got links on my sidebar to sites of sock patterns.

Marti said...

Watch out, those little buggers can be addictive!


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