11 January 2008

Physio and other stuff

Blogging is sort of low on my list of prioities right now. There is a new physio at our hospital and she has more exercises, etc for me to do for my knee and also a few to see if they will help my poor out of kilter back. Plus she wants to see me twice a week. And the there seem to be an overabundance of other appointments as well, dentist, regular doctor, surgeon post op checkup. Plus car appointments, the electrician and just regular everyday life stuff.

I ( we ) decided that we should have a party soon. ( OOPS!! See note later on in post). People have been very kind to us and this way we can return the favour with one big party instead of several small dinner parties. So we have booked Mitchell of Alimento and he is going to come and put on a pasta buffet. ( I tried to link to his website, but he doesn't have one. Apparently it is in the works.) He prepares, serves and cleans up afterward. Plus, he will bring a bartender who also washes the glasses. Now this is a huge chore, because over the years I have collected EAPG antigue goblets and have about 50 of them. We love to use them but HATE to wash them at the end of the night. So this is an added bonus. And John won't have to run around doing drinks all night and can enjoy himself more. For dessert Mitchell suggested a Crepes buffet. Sounded good to me so we are going with that also. That just leaves nibblies for me to do! So that is on for January 25. Now comes the oops part. I have booked the caterer and invited 26 people and almost all have responed positively. Good thing. But I forgot Shannon was due the 25 and would probably go early and that I was going up there to help out! Bad thing. So I called her this morning, fessed up to my totally brain dead moment and she was fine with it. Seems Paul is going to be there for the first week and she doesn't need me until after that. So I am crossing my fingers and hoping it all works out timewise.

As for knitting, I am working on a dear little cabled sweater for Reese with the yarn I wound using my new swift the first time. I have the back finished and about 9 inches done on the front:

So now I am off to get ready for town. I am having lunch with a friend and then have some groceries to pick. Then later in the afternoon another friend and I are going to the movie in Bridgewater. We are seeing PS I Love You because the guys don't want to see it and B has poker night tonight in Halifax. There are some good movies finally here, Juno, Bucket List, but the men do want to see those, so we will go see them next week.

Bye bye for now!


Marti said...


lexa said...

Sounds like it will be a nice party. The sweater is going to be adorable.

I realized today that we can order Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (along with a lot of other DB yarns). Any time you want any we can order it, but since we don't usually stock it, it's by-the-bag. I suppose that's not too bad for you if you're doing the grandsons matching sweaters. Most likely an adult sweater would take the whole bag, too. I let Marti know also cuz if it's the matter of a few balls I'm sure I can have my arm twisted to get a few if you don't need a full bag...

Landerson said...

Sounds like a nice party!

FYI, we saw Juno last night and really enjoyed it:0)

Dorothy said...

I read PS I Love You, and if the movie is even half as good as the book it's going to be great! Enjoy it!

Dorothy said...

Don't be too impressed, I'm not usually so "organized" :)
And I'll probably forget about calling to see about the hall for a couple of months. But, it's in my blog, that might help me remember.


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