20 January 2008

I may be hooked

I bought some sock yarn, guess who this pair is for?

I have cast on and am knitting along using the magic loop method of knitting socks when I come to the part where you knit the heel. Oops. I of course, am following the instructions in the Magis Loop book, but actually knitting a generic sock pattern I am familiar with. Herein lies the difference........two different methods for doing a heel and, I noticed, way less stitches cast on as they are using much heavier yarn. So here I am, in a quandry! Again. After much consulting with me and the dog, we decided to go with the generic sock pattern and just wing it. It may seem simple, but deciding where to pull the loop through is very very important. Otherwise the sock will not be a sock, but a mishmash of tangled strands, which will prevent it actually being worn as a sock. Or much of anything else either. Unless I give it to Maggie as a dog toy. Maybe that's why she went with the wing it choice. Very clever and sneaky dog! Here she is napping without a care in the world:

Anyway, it's snowing out and very pretty and I have plenty of leftovers from last night's dinner party for us to have tonight, so I am going to sit and knit and watch the tennis I DVR'd early this morning. I hope to get the heel done and turned and end up with all the stitches where they should be and the loop in the right place by day's end. There will definitely be a picture if I am successful!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

That's pretty yarn. I have never tried the magic loop method.

Hope this snow stops soon so the roads get cleared off. I have the arena rented today from 5-6 for the boys' skating party. I'll have lots of cake left over if not many show up! They're outside playing with the neighbor's son right now.

I'm glad that we're going to be getting new yarns in at the store. I hope they sell or I'll never hear the end of it! (Luckily the last time we got new stuff in K was the one who ordered it!)

Heddy said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family -- she's adorable!


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