04 December 2006

Newest Project

When Lauren and Reese were home I showed her (Lauren) this new pattern book that I got with really cute children's sweaters and asked her to pick out one for Miss Reese. This is the one she picked:

I am guessing it might be a while for Reese to fit into this sweater, even at the rate she is growing:

So I will knit it for Lauren and hope Reese doesn't grow into it in the near future. Lauren of course wanted the off white but they didn't have any so I had to make an executive decision on the colour, which will be a secret so there will be no pictures posted of its progress. In case you couldn't tell in the picture, it is boiled wool and I thought it would knit up quickly! NOT! It is knit on a size 4 mm needle in the round ( thank goodness for small mercies) but with 250 stitches it is like knitting a man's sweater. Then the sleeves get added to the body and there are nearly 500 stitches! What are the odds I will finish this before Christmas? Slim to none. Even if I can knit all evening tonight because we cancelled our movie night due to the SNOW STORM we are having! What a mess! Wet heavy snow! Ugh! Anyway, I should move on.

Finally, here is a picture of my friend Nancy modelling the striped sweater so I can see what it looks like on a person instead of draped over a chair. It fit really well even though the arms were way too long! That's it for this sweater....no more pictures, I promise.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

I love that new sweater pattern! Very nice. I've never tried anything other than bags, mittens, hats, and clogs as far as felted thing go. That might be a nice project for me for, well, let's say next spring/summer for the fall! Did you get the pattern book at Have a Yarn?

Landerson said...

Don't worry about getting it done by Christmas! Can't wait to see what colour you picked. Nice job on the sweater for Shan, and great modelling job by Nancy!

Debbie said...

You are SUCH a glutton for punishment! Gorgeous shot of Reese.
I remember Nancy from your wedding!!!!! She looks good...

Cathy said...

Hi! The sweater is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the cheery little baby!


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