22 December 2006

Christmas Visit in Ottawa and Saint John

We are home from our week of travelling and delivering Christmas gifts and cheer! We had a great visit with both girls and families and I must say we were tired and ready to get home.

This is Shan's family......never going to get a picture with everyone smiling, but it is not too bad.

This is David just being his usual charming self:

And then we have Shan & Pete totally entranced at the Max and Ruby show!

Miss Reese is captivated by the story her Grandad was telling her!

And here she is sleeping on Nana's shoulder:

John drove much of the time on our trip, he is a better driver than he is a passenger. As a result, I got a LOT of work done on Lauren's sweater. In fact, as I now type, it is the washer being FELTED!! Yeah!!

Oops! It was still too large after the first go round of felting so I did it for a bit more and it may be marginally too small now. The sleeves are fine but the body shrank lengthwise when I wanted it to be a bit narrower through. So I will send it along to Lauren, and she may have to give it to someone with a shorter trunk. But it did come out ok I think, other than the size issue! All the mitts, slippers and hats I have felted, I have never overfelted anything before. Wouldn't you know I would do it on a major project like this!

Must go now to get groceries, dog grain, dog antibiotics etc. We found an engorged deer tick on Miss Mags last evening and my friend Christopher says with the Lyme disease around in Lunenburg County, where she was boarded whilst we were away, we should probably give her a prophylactic dose of antibiotics to be on the safe side. So she will be on those for the next 10 days. But rather that than Lyme disease!

Bye bye for now.


Landerson said...

The sweater's GORGEOUS! And so are those grandchildren of yours! I can't even believe Maggie had a tick on her this late in the year.

lexa said...

I love that sweater -- what a nice color! I hope it will work for her and she won't have to part with it.

My cousin lives just outside of Lockeport. She found out last summer that she has Lyme disease. She's been really sick for over two years now. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. She was hospitalized several times, tests galore... Finally her new pediatrician asked if he could blood for Lyme disease. It was sent to a lab in the US and came back positive. Now she's on medication for the rest of her life because they didn't catch it early enough. She had gotten bit by a baby tick that was about the size of a poppy seed. According to the doctor the baby ticks are the worst.

Have a nice Christmas!

Debbie said...

The photos are wonderful, everyone's growing SO QUICKLY, but it's a joy to see everyone looking so well and happy. Reese certainly locked onto her nan, didn't she? Shame about the sweater, Donna, but it is beautiful, regardless.Ho, ho, ho. Enjoy the chowder, take care of the cold, and tell Maggie to take her tablets like a good girl!

Shelley said...

Those little ones are so adorable! I love the sweater you did, and I do hope it fits fine - such a pretty colour too!


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