22 April 2006

Weekend again

Here it is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am watching the eagle cam waiting for it to go live in BC. Usually it is live shortly after 10 our time, but not yet today!

I have been working on the sweater for John and just have the second sleeve to sew in and sew the seam and I am finished. I took it and placed it over one of John's sweaters and I think the sleeve length will be fine. When I put the sleeve in, I forgot that I had knit it in the round and didn't have any armhole decreasing, so I made the sleeves fit in the space that was there and don't have any side seam to do. If it doesn't fit ok I will have to take out both sleeves and do it again!! So I really hope it fits.

Sewing seams is not my favourite thing and because the sweater is plain SS I wanted to get them done as professionally looking as possible. I went to Knitty.com and found some great instructions on how to sew vertical to horizontal rows and stitches together. I think it looks good, but we will see when it is blocked and finished.

They must be having troubles with the eagle cam as it keeps going from a live feed to a tape from yesterday. Very frustrating, but I shouldn't complain as we are getting all this for free!

I must go to town and pick up a few things for dinner. Our friends who have been away for a few weeks and home and are coming for dinner tonight!

Bye bye for now.

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