23 April 2006

Brief update

I finally got John's sweater finished and it fits him well and looks great! I think anyway! I still have to block it again or press it with a damp cloth to give it that finished look. But it is finished.

Now I can continue on with the gorgeous striped sweater!!

Bye bye for now.


Lauren said...

Looks great! That's quite the pose Dad!!

Debbie said...

Very nice indeed, and the seams on the sleeves look EXCELLENT! John, do you realize you now have to LIVE IN that sweater FOREVER !!!?????

Dorothy said...

Nice sweater!
I've been trying to figure out the fish hanging in the window. I know I've seen them for sale somewhere, but can't remember where.
Thanks for the offer of your scraps of yarn. I'll let you know when I'm headed your way. The price of gas is keeping me home lately.
Have a good day!

Shannon said...

Have you considered modeling?? You could make some decent money with it as you retire??? What a handsome man in a spectacular sweater :-) I see where I get my good looks ;-)

Jane Keliher said...

I am looking for the pattern for the boiled wool purse. I only need the pattern not a book. Would you share it with me. I have lots of wool scrapes to use for these little purses. Thanks.


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