05 February 2006

The Lost Mitten

The Super Bowl is over and I am now waiting for the post game show to finish so I can watch Grey's Anatomy and thought I would post this little blurb.

I was just speaking with Shannon on the phone and she was telling me what happened to one of her boiled wool mittens that I had knit for her. Apparently on Thursday she had the hat & mitts on whilst she took the boys and Rudy for a walk. It was mild and she put the mittnes in a pocket of the stroller. Needless to say, one of the mittens fell out and she couldn't find it. Two days later, the whole family was driving up Majestic Ave., which leads to their house when Paul slams on the brakes and turns around. Seems he saw something blue in the slush in the middle of the road and lo and behold, it was Shan's mitt. The poor thing had been run over by traffic for two days and was as flat as a pancake. She took it home, washed it and it is as good as new. I must say I am impressed with how well it has lasted. I guess those boiled wool things are worth the effort to make them if they can withstand traatment like that. I do know that everyone I have made them for really like them. And I took Len's slippers to him last night and they were a perfect fit!! Another happy friend!!

Ok the show is over so I will go watch Grey's Anatomy.
Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

She was lucky to find her mitten - amazing how it withstood all that punishment!

I'm not a football person. I did put it on once for about one minute when it was almost over to see who was winning. I'm not much for watching any sport on tv really, but I will probably watch some of the Olympics. I definitely like the winter Olympics better than the summer Olympics.

Debbie said...

I reckon Nan made a quick trip to Ottawa, and pointed Paul in the right direction... how amazing! Anyway, just to say that the slippers and mittens get rave reviews over here in England, too. Your fame preceeds you...
We've not had our slippers off since November, and I cannot tell you how very very good the mittens are - especially as the Reynauld's disease is getting worse and worse.
Loved the photos of the snow... how on earth does this soaker thingey work ?????


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