09 October 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

It is Thanksgiving weekend and Lauren and Mark and Cash, their golden retriever, are here for a visit. Cash and Maggie got on really well together despite the fact that both are alpha dogs. Everyone was afraid that they might not get along, but they were really great together. I tried to get a picture of them the first evening where they were actually licking each other's faces. Too cute!! Cash has been very patient with Mags, who harasses him to play with her much of the time.
Here is one of the few times they were still, waiting for a treat:

Yesterday we went to Mahone Bay and John stayed home to look after the dogs. The Scarecrow Festival is on and there were some wonderful ones. This is the most recent Royal Wedding:

Last night we went to White Point for dinner and left the dogs home. Mags in her crate, Cleo in the den, and Cash had the dining room and kitchen area. Unfortunately, Cash decided to try to eat through Maggie's plastic food container and succeeded. He probably managed to get a couple of cups eaten before we got home!!
Today it is raining again and I have to go start getting dinner ready for this evening. Ros and Brian are coming for dinner tonight, so a good time will be in store.
Bye Bye for now.

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