19 September 2005


Saturday the 17th we took the city bus tour of Liverpool. I had no idea it was so badly damaged and bombed during the war. We saw 2 amazing cathedrals, an Anglican and Roman Catholic.

Next we did the Beatles Story and it was great!! Not as emotional as Graceland, but fun nonetheless. Then we wandered on the docks and lo and behold we came upon the Clipper boats getting ready for the world race which started on Sunday. We saw all the entries and were so proud of the Canadian entry. I have lots of pictures to download when we get home.

Liverpool is a bit of a rough and ready city, and although we stayed in a lovely old hotel, the surroundings were less than scenic. That night, whilst we were in bed we heard, what we both believe was, a woman being murdered. The screams were terrifying and it scared the heck out of both of us. We were glad to get on the road in the morning and head for Wales. Glad we went to Liverpool, but glad to leave too!!

We arrived in Porthmadog, Wales, around lunch time and I must say the views are amazing!! Today we drove to Snowdonia National Park and took the railroad up to the midpoint of the mountain. Due to high winds, they couldn't go to the top. So we didn't get out to take pictures, but the words spectacular come to mind!! Mind you, we did stop about 10 times on the way to the railroad to take pictures so I will have a hard time when we get home deciding which ones to post, etc. We had lunch in a lovely little tearoom in Caernorfon and then went on to tour the castle there. Again, amazing!! John loved it and was wandering in and out all the little nooks and crannies. We have just returned to the hotel and I scooted across the street to check email etc. More sightseeing in a little while.....Harlech and Port Morion this evening. That's all for now.

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