20 September 2005

Wales Day 3

Today is our last full day in Wales. We leave in the morning and head out to the Cotswolds area of England and the next day on to Heathrow for the night before we fly home on Friday. We did more touring today and saw more spectacular sites. It almost starts to get a bit boring and I have stopped taking pictures at every new bend in the road. And today there were lots of bends as we wended our way through some wonderful areas, from sea level to the tops of some of the smaller mountains! Also got some great pictures of Swallow Waterfalls which was a lovely area. Spent time this afternoon relaxing a bit before we go out for dinner tonight.
This may be my last post till we get home, unless I can find internet access somewhere tomorrow or Thursday.
Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

Looking forward to seeing some pictures posted when you get back! I'd love to go to England sometime. My two favorite shows are Coronation Street and Most Haunted. Have a safe trip home.

Lauren said...

Have a safe trip home! I'm sure Mags and Cleo will be very happy to see you both!


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