30 September 2005

The Lake District & Liverpool

We now head on to the Lake District. As a former English teacher, John really wanted to visit the area where so many of the famour poets and authors lived. So of course we went to see the Wordsworth museum and cottage:

Now on to Liverpool. Having been born and brought up in Liverpool NS, I was really keen to see this place. It was quite what I had expected, a large busy city, but it had lots to see and do. We took a city bus tour and learned a lot that we didn't know. I had no idea Liverpool had been so badly bombed during the war but there were signs and destroyed buildings to remind you of this everywhere.

Our first stop was the Beatles Story Exhibition. No cameras inside of course.

After our tour we went out on the waterfront for lunch where we were pleasantly surprised to find 10 clipper ships from around the world preparing to leave the next day on a 10 month around the world race. And of course the first one we saw was from Canada:

Here are all the ships lined up and also the flags from each country flying on the waterfront:

On our city bus tour we saw the modern Catholic Cathedral. In front it has 4 bells that represent 4 saints, Mark, Luke, John, & Peter. Of course, in Liverpool they are referred to as John, Paul, George & Ringo.

This was donated to the town of Liverpool as a gateway to the city's Chinatown and stands guard at the entrance. There are 200 dragons on the gate.


Shannon said...

Wow!! Great pictures - I love the viaduct and the pictures of the Lake District - now wonder Wordsworth and those "other guys" wrote such beautiful poetry out there :-)

Putney Bridge looks exactly as it did when we were there!!

lexa said...

Glad I took a look at your blog at work - at home the Roman Viaduct looked like a black hill. Here I can actually see the structure! Did you refrain from buying any yarn on your trip?


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