15 August 2005

Quick update

We have had a very hectic time here. Shan & Peter got here Friday and poor Pete has an ear infection and has been miserable since he arrived. They are both upstairs having a nap now and hopefully the anitbiotic will kick in soon and he will be back to his normal sunny self.

I spent Sunday in the city taking the computer part of our new judging system. The program loaded fine and data entry went fine and manual accounting went fine. However, when we tried to send the info to the judges' monitors, we absolutely couldn't get it to go. I am sure the trainers will get that straightened out before our Challenge Cup competition in September!!

As for knitting, I am working on the linen shawl for Shannon and should have it finished by tomorrow so will get a picture to post.
Bye Bye for now!!


Shannon said...

You don't have a picture of the shawl up but you said you'd put one up - do you want me to take a digital photo and send it to you???? I could model it if you could handle my big belly on your blog :-)

Shannon said...

I'm going to work on my blog in the next day or two . . . I'll send you the URL when I get it working!!


p.s. Pete loves your blog too and likes to see his sweaters on the web :-)


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