23 August 2005

Peter Pictures

Well Shannon and Peter went home to Ottawa yesterday. He started feeling better from his ear infection by Wednesday, so Shan decided to see if she could change her flight and go home on Monday instead of Friday so we could have some time with Happy Pete and his ear infection could clear up better. And apparently he had no problem on the flight home. I drove them to the airport and then went on to the city for a meeting re our new scoring system. I was tired when I got home at 10:30 last evening.

Tonight I am taking the pics of Pete off the camera and editing them, etc. I must say some of them are really pretty darn good and you can see how happy he is!! And not too cute either!! As you can see, he is wearing the finished hoody and it fits him perfectly. There will be lots of wear left in it for the new little one next winter.

I finished the shawl and washed and ironed it Sunday and then I gave it to Shannon without taking a picture of it. She has assured me she will take a pic and send it to me to post.

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Sheri said...

He's a cutie! The sweater is adorable. I have Logan's hoodie almost finished, but I put the hood on, took it off, then put it on again last night. Didn't like how it looked. All that's left is attach the sleeves and do side seams. Looking forward to a picture of the shawl!


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