02 June 2005

The Sweater Workshop

Another sunny day in Hunts Point and I had to go to the city... Halifax NS.....to take my husband's car in for service. It was hot and sunny - 28 C. A gorgeous day! My friend Gloria went with me and we helped the economy by doing a bit of shopping whilst the car was being worked on.

I got home about 7:30, put everything away, sat me down in my lazy boy chair and added a few more inches to Mark's sweater. Almost to the armpit point!! Then I have to decide what style sleeve to knit. The book recommends a couple of styles for the first sweater, so I will more than likely choose one of those. Now I am wondering if I have enough yarn. Maybe I will call the shop in the morning and get them to put another couple of balls aside for me. I am soooo ready for a good night's sleep!!
Bye Bye for now!
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