01 June 2005

Pete's Sweater

It is sunny and I am going out!! Oops! The lawn guys are here to mow the lawn so I have decided to stay put until they leave. Everything looks gorgeous out with the sun shining.
I have to sew the buttons I bought on the little cardigan I did for young Peter. No need to mail it now as he won't need it in Ottawa till the fall. I do have to repair a bit where I did a steek and when I cut it ( I may never do that again) part of the Icelandic pattern came unravelled. I will try to catch it up somehow or else it will fall apart the first time it is washed. It was suggested to me that I knit this cardigan in the round with a steek, and then cut it. I did take a class to learn how to do it and promptly went home and knit up this sweater. I thought I had done everything right, but when I finally got up the nerve to cut it, there were a few loose colours. I thought I had fixed them all till I went to show it to a friend today and saw just one short piece of yarn sticking out. So I will darn it in and then do the duplicate stitch or something over the part I had to pull out.
Bye Bye for now!!

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