07 June 2005

Skating stuff

I cannot believe I am spending so much time on Figure Skating stuff this time of the year! The ISU and Skate Canada are implementing the new marking system and we are finally getting some news about what we have to do to prepare for this. Everything has to be changed, equipment, computer programs, and officials ourselves. The judges and we accountants all have to learn the new system. And we have to be up and running this fall in Nova Scotia. So I have spent much of last evening and part of today on the phone trying to set up a clinic and get presenters and a place to hold it and people to come take it. So we are set for the middle of July and this evening I will spend on the phone trying to track down our accountants who are eligible to attend the 3 day clinic.
I did get the first sleeve of Mark's sweater finished last night before toddling off to bed and will take a picture to post soon.
And I look forward with anticipation to starting the 2nd sleeve as some point tonight.

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