11 June 2005


The weather has been lovely the past few days, so I have been doing outside jobs and going to the garden centres in preperation for actually planting my annuals. I guess because the season has been so bad this spring, most everything was on sale so I got some good deals. I want to go out and plant some today but John says the blackflies are absolutely horrible!! So I will cover up with bug spray and my bug jacket and long pants and see how long I can stand it.
I have been picking away at my sweater and have attached the sleeves to the body and am now at the point where I start decreasing for the raglan sleeves. I must say, despite all my measurements, it looks small. I just went to take a pic and the battery in my camera is dead and the extra one as well. Why the heck did I bother getting an extra one if every time I go to use it the battery needs recharching?!!
Picture will follow later.

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