08 February 2010

Monday Morning Quarterback

Well, the Super Bore Bowl Game is over and one good thing about it is that the New Orleans Saints won.  There were way too many ads, most of which were not worth seeing.  The half time show was dreadful. The Who were really not good.  I am saying that in lieu of the other words I am thinking.  Like, terrible, awful, horrible, should have retired!  They were off key singing their own songs!  I cringed.  Duh?! 

There are other good things to the Super Bowl being over as well. No more football for 6 months. For someone who loves sports, I am really not a football fan at all. Just don’t get it!

On the other hand, the final game of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts yesterday afternoon was absolutely wonderful. It went down to the last rock in the 10th end with Team Canada beating PEI by one.  The PEI team was really wonderful and fun to watch and did their province proud!  They will be back again I will bet!

But on the upside, with all the curling and the football, I got a lot of knitting done on my socks.GlynisInPinkDSC02785_edited-1And I had a beautiful dinner.  My DH decided he was going to roast a chicken for dinner last night and this is what he did:

And it tasted as good as it looks. Plus we have lots left over for another meal!

Speaking of meals, my Indian dinner on Saturday was very successful.  Everyone enjoyed it, but I would say that the Aloo Gobi was too hot. Very tasty but too hot for me.  The Tandoori Chicken thighs were delicious and the Creamy Mango sorbet was perfect as a dessert.  It was also very easy to make. ( I don’t have an ice cream maker so this was amazing!)  I would definitely make that again.

One final note.  I did something this year I have wanted to do since I got hooked on started Ravelry.  I joined a sock club.  Not a Knit Along, but a real sock club.  I joined the Rocking Sock Club put on by Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I got my first parcel last week.  There are all sorts of rules about not posting spoilers on Ravelry in case people haven’t got their packages yet, but it didn’t say anything about blogs.  So I am just going to post a picture of my first yarn, called Happy Go Lucky. 


There are two specially designed patterns as well. One is toe up by Sivia Harding and the other is top down by Christine Bain.  At first I was unsure of the colour but I now I really like it.  There were a few other odds and ends in the package as well, so it was great fun to get it and find all the treasures!  Knitting gift tags, a STR pin, Sock Club diary,

chart for keeping sizes of family and friends, etc.  Yes I am a happy camper!


lexa said...

I hate football, can't stand it. I put it on for about two minutes last night to see who was winning, and that was before the half time show. I did happen to catch the half time show. I am not a fan of The Who anyways, one or two of their songs are okay. They had a cool stage, though.

Can't go wrong, I don't think, with Socks That Rock. I've only ever knit with it once, but I have three more skeins in the stash. The only thing I warn people about is the dye running. I had decided to hand wash my pair in the kitchen sink in lukewarm water, and when the socks hit the water it turned dark, dark purpley blue! I couldn't believe that much color ran out of them. So I always warn people to be careful with the first few washes.

Frieda said...

We're football fans at our house . I didn't use to be but one thing I've learned is if you can't beat 'em , join 'em . Max & Stef hosted the Super Bowl party this year . Most of us were rooting for New Orleans just because they were the underdogs and this would be the first win in franchise history .Like you I cringed at the half time show , some people don't know when to call it quits .

The socks look so pretty , as does your new yarn . Can't wait to see what you knit ...


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