22 July 2009

Just Because

It's hard to be down in the dumps when you're knitting these bright and cheery socks:

Even the weather can't keep the sun from shining whenever I work on them. The pattern is a simple 3 x 1 rib which I have called Just Because I Lich-em. I was going to call them Just Because to reflect the fact that I bought the yarn "just because" it was so bright and cheerful and that I was knitting a simple rib pattern "just because" I was tired of all the intricate lace patterns and wanted something simple to knit. Well, turns out there is a 3 x 1 pattern out there named Lichen Ribbed socks which I found in my Nancy Bush book. And liking the whole word play thing, I changed lichen to like-em and voila! The name for my new socks! ( You might also notice that I am again doing them TAAT, or two at a time on dpns, and that they both start at the same point in the yarn. When I balled up the two balls of yarn, the pattern only repeated once. There is almost the same amount as one ball left over, but not enough for the colour pattern to repeat twice. So my socks may have different colour toes, because I am not buying another whole ball of this just to match up the toes. ) See, one toe outside the box!

It's also Knit Nite tonight and I am never down on Knit Nite! Such fun getting together with all my knitting buds!

Today is my usual Wednesday lunch group, another reason to be happy.

My daughter and kids are arriving Monday and we are ssoooo excited. Apparently Pete has been packing and unpacking all week! We have the four of them till the weekend when her husband arrives and Lauren and family arrive! Then it will be really interesting, watching the little ones all interact!! We are really looking forward to seeing Reese & David together!

So I say let the freaking rain and bad weather come now, but please please please let it be nice for the next few weeks. Not every day even. Just more sun than rain. Or just some sun at all. Please. Please. Please!


Heddy said...

OMYGOODNESS! I luv the new socks! the yarn is so, so pretty!

My fingers are crossed for a sunny week for you!


lexa said...

Love those socks! Hope the weather is halfways decent for the grandkids. They'll want to go to the beach, I'm sure!

Cheryl said...

Can't wait to see how these socks turn out! Hoping for good weather too when your family visits, but not too humid or muggy now;)

Frieda said...

LOve the socks and your wordplay name for them ! Keeping fingers crossed that the weather gods smile on you all and bring lots of sunshine for the family visit .


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