18 December 2008

Christmas can officially begin!

Tuesday night we had a huge feed of lobster. Huge! I spent two hours shelling lobsters and I don't do the bodies or legs. So we have lots of lobster!! We are having people in for dinner on Monday and Tuesday and I wanted to do Lobster Newburg one day and lobster chowder the next. And as we are going to be in Saint John ( Yay!) for the weekend, I needed to get the lobster done early and packed in freezer bags ready to go on Monday morning. So voila! Christmas can start!

I have a Christmas party today at lunch for the QASL board I am on. Staff, clients and family are all going to be there and it is a wonderful party! This year we are having it at White Point Beach Resort as we wanted to change things up a bit. Horace, one of our first clients, 30 some years ago, died this summer and he always played Santa, so we wanted something different for the clients this year. I am sure it will be great fun!

I am busy knitting clogs for felting. I have one pair finished, not felted, and have started the second pair. I also bought some Noro silk garden to knit another scarf. It is a great project for in the car and we will be travelling Friday and then home on Sunday. Hunter is being christened on Sunday so I will have more pictures. And there are no knitting pictures as the Dog who loves yarn is on the prowl and I don't have time to put him in his crate, drag all the stuff out to photograph and then put it all safely away before I leave. Next time!

Now I am off to walk the dogs on a lovely sunny but crisp day!

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