31 December 2008

2008 Wrap-up

2008 is drawing to a close and it is time to reflect on the past year. With all the depressing things going on in the world today, I am going to accentuate the positive!

We are fortunate to have 2 new additions to our family, Leah Elizabeth and Hunter Murray have brought our total of grandchildren to 5!

We also have a new dog join us, Gunni, the 5 year old Welsh Terrier who has made himself right at home with us and fits in nicely with our Airedale Maggie. Great fun to watch them play together!

We have both been well and spent time with our kids and grandkids both here and at their homes in Saint John and Ottawa! We each had wonderful trips, me to Sweden for the World Skating Championships and John to Scotland with the guys for golf. We have lots of good friends. We are very lucky and do appreciate all that we have.

On a sad note, I did lose a very dear friend in August to cancer. I miss her every day and yet, when I think of her, it brings a smile to my heart.

Now on to the knitting news.

I must say, I cannot believe all the knitting I managed to accomplish in 2008. I went to my Ravelry page, where I have faithfully added every single one of my knitting projects and did the big count:


Adults- 24
Childs- 5
Felted clogs or slippers:
Adults- 12
Childs- 2
Adults- 1
Childs- 4
Fingerless gloves:
Adults- 3
Adults- 3
Adults- 2
Sock Monkey - 1
Felted donut- 1

Grand total: 58 projects started and completed in 2008! Almost all of these were gifts for someone, but I did manage to keep a few pair of the socks for myself.

So that's it for 2008.

Edited to add: I finished felting and am now drying the slippers on the Clog Tree in our entryway:


lexa said...

LOL! Love your drying unit!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve! We're staying in with the boys. Got drinks, getting pizza, got crackers, cheese, pepperoni... All the good stuff. Plus I have my knitting!

See you in 2009!

Heddy said...

the Clog Tree is wonderful! I need one! I LOVE the brightly coloured clogs -- they look like so much fun! I bet the loved ones getting them will be delighted with your handiwork! -- WOW! Your list of FOs is amazing! You have been a very busy knitter - and for one who doesn't knit socks, you sure whipped through a BUNCH of 'em! (Winks)

Happy New Year! Have a great evening!

Marti said...

I love how everyone's FO counts include one strange knitted confectionay...like 'felted donut' or on Heddy's blog, 'cupcake.'

Have a wonderful New Years. See you in '09.

Landerson said...

Here's to 2009:)

I can't even believe how many knitting projects you've completed! Wow!

Landerson said...

Btw, meant to mention that I LOVE the colorful slippers:)

Shannon said...

You're a knitting machine, woman. I'm sure you're going to take over the world in 2009, one stitch at a time.

Knit one, purl two
Happy New Year
I Love You!


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