04 November 2008

Knitting News update

I do have knitting stuff to post but it is so hard to take pictures when you have the dog who is completely and totally obsessed with anything knitting living in the same house. Doesn't matter if it is a ball or skein of wool, a partially or finished project, clean or dirty, wet or dry, he wants it! And he goes out of his little mind trying to get it! He leaps into the air by bouncing up and down, up and down until he reaches it. Then he grabs at it with his very sharp little teeth at which point I go out of my much bigger mind and I carefully pry open his mouth and get whatever it is to safety. So I take pictures less often now. Plus with DST over till the spring, I have a much shorter window of opportunity to get good daylight pictures. The yarn demon is asleep in his crate and I hope to sneak his door shut and take a couple of progress pictures!

Here is the little cabled vest I am knitting for nephew Cameron's little son:

It will have a navy stripe across the front and navy ribbing at the neck and arms. I am at the decrease for the arms now so will have to knit back and forth from hereon in.

And this is the progress made on the Lima Sweater for Lauren, which had to be set aside whilst I did the baby vest:

The sleeve colour is the more accurate of the two pics, which were taken at the same time in the same place with the same camera. Duh?

Today is finally election day in the US and boy will we be glad to have that over and done with. I am sure everyone will be glued to their TV's tonight to see the results. ( Please no chad issues or any other thing that could possibly screw up the results, so that they are able to actually name a winner! ) I swear we have had two federal elections, one provincial election and one municipal election in the two years they have been campaigning. So if you live in the US.....GO VOTE!


lexa said...

Too bad Obama's grandmother died yesterday and didn't last to see the results. I'm sure she knows he won anyways. I think it'll be a BIG shock to everyone if he loses!

Heddy said...

The vest is turning out cute! The navy stripe and edging should be really sweet on a little boy babe.

you sure are clipping away on Lauren's sweater - hot needles!

Frieda said...

Wow, you've been busy ! The vest will be perfect for a little boy , very classy.

I know what you mean about our multiple elections in the space of three years , I'm so tired of the same old , same old . Looks like us lucky Quebecers will go to the polls yet again when our premier call another election . He has a minority government and is using the same reasoning as Mr. Harper to call an election .We'll probably get the same result , another minority goverment . Our tax dollars at work !


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