28 November 2008

Guess who came for an overnight visit?

That would be Hunter, who is now 6 months and his mother Lauren, modeling the finished Lima sweater. As you can see, it fits and she loves it!

Now I have to finish the vest for H and the socks for B and start the hat for Shannon.

I was just speaking with Shan on the phone and apparently a sweater and slippers for Pete would be appreciated as well. He has outgrown his and Dave has now inherited them, so poor Pete is without Nana knitting. One great thing about grandkids, they keep growing so you always have someone to knit for!


lexa said...

Yes, Pete needs some more knits. :)

Shannon said...

Cute pics - Lauren looks fab in that sweater, you did a spectacular job!!!

Landerson said...

Still lovin' the sweater!!!


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