22 November 2008

And so it begins....

We woke up this morning to a bright sunshiny day in Nova Scotia:

John has been out in the driveway for a few hours at this point and is now working on the parking area before heading down the other side of the driveway.

We went to the Trattoria della Nonna in Lunenburg for dinner last evening and had a wonderful time and meal. There was some discussion re going at all considering the approaching storm, but the weather people said it would start late in the evening and they were right and we were home well before the snow started flying!

Not sure what is going to happen with the DWDP, otherwise known as Gunni, the dog who doesn't pee. There are few enough places he deems acceptable to pee at as it is, and this will severely limit access to most of his favourite spots! What fun ( she said sarcastically) !

Knitweir ( one of our KN people ), was supposed to be coming out to help me sew Lauren's sweater together this afternoon, but I am sure she will not be able to make it. Our road isn't even plowed yet. I tried and tried to sew it up and it was just looking raggedy and untidy and was ruining the look of the sweater, so she offered to help and as she does a lot of knitting for people, she is very good at it! So I would guess this is going to be a knitting day. I still have the belt to finish, all 50 inches of the ribbed belt. Albeit I do have about 24 inches done already. Braindead boring knitting, but it will be worth it when the whole thing is sewn up and finished!


lexa said...

T had to shovel out Maggie's corner this morning where she prefers to go potty. She immediately jumped into the snow even though he had a play area cleared! She is getting quite skilled at leaping through snow that is twice as tall as she is. Crazy dogs!

Our street didn't get plowed til almost 11. T is outside with the 4 wheeler plowing the driveways right now. Glad he was home to do it! Our snowblower is still in the basement, and I'd never get that out. Guess I would have been shovelling all day...

Shannon said...

Wow!! Hard to believe - except that that was us this time last year! I hope you get a break and don't get any more for a while. Poor Gunni, you'll need to get that dog a catheter or something ;-)


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