21 March 2008

Update from Sweden

We are here in our room on a cold and snowy morning in Gothenburg. They tell us it is only the second snow storm this year, the first being on Monday when we arrived! Just like NS! Wet and cold and raw!

The skating has been fun and we have great seats.....row 3 right across from the judges. There are 18 people in our group with a wide range of ages, but all have a love of skating in common so we get along very well. I am rooming with my Liverpool friend and we are having a great time. Lots of eating out and laughing to go with the skating.

It was really exciting when our pairs won a bronze on Wednesday night! The medal ceremony is lovely and they have a choir singing the gold medal winner's national anthem. So they sang the German anthem the first night and the Japanese anthem the second night. Very impressive!

BTW, I did get my little bamboo needles through security at both Heathrow and Munich airports and finished one sock at the rink the first day. The camera men roaming around took a flim clip of me knitting and apparently it was on the Euro Sport channel here! One of our group saw it on the TV in the hotel. So now I am being a bit more careful when I knit!

I'm off to the rink, so

Bye bye for now!


Heddy said...

You are a celebrity! Very cool that you got on the Euro Sport Channel for knitting -- I love it!

Sounds like you are having fun ... if it makes you feel better, it is snowing and cold here today too!

Landerson said...

I've seen you everyday!!! You guys have GREAT seats!! Very envious. Enjoy:0)

lexa said...

Celebrity knitter! I haven't seen any of it on tv yet. Every time I see it advertised on CBC it's starting at midnight. Past my bedtime! Glad you are having a good time.

lexa said...

Caught some of the skating on tv tonight, but I can't find you. I'm half blind.

Marti said...

We should have made a badge or a hat for you to wear that said something to the effect of Proud Knitterpudlian, so that we could've picked you out of the crowd. And it could've ended up on Euro Sports Centre or whatever!

Shannon said...

I'm so happy you're having fun - I'm thinking of you lots - Big Hugs from all our gang :-)


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