02 March 2008

Knitting Away

I have been busy the past few days with road trips that did not involve yarn. One to the valley for my 3 month knee check-up on Thursday, one to the retirement party of a classmate of mine from nursing school in Halifax on Friday, and a birthday lunch in Mahone Bay on Wednesday. Now that I think of it, I did go to the Gaspereau Valley Fibres shop and got some sock yarn ( no snickering KN girls) on Thursday and yarn to knit another JoJo sweater for Reese from Have a yarn on Wednesday. Hmmmmm. Plus I did some knitting on the trip to the valley, so I take that back about no yarn involved.

Ravelry has also been taking up some time. I am seriously trying to get all my projects that I have done, since I started my blog, posted on my Ravelry page. Starting the blog was when I began keeping track of my knitting projects, and I have no pictures of things I have done before that. I am totally amazed with the amount of info available on Ravelry. It is such a resource for knitters of all abilities. Someone out there has the answer to whatever questions you might have.

There has been curling on TV the past 2 days, so I have been knitting up a storm. Watch curling, knit. I love it. (The Brier starts on Saturday March 8 and goes to the next weekend.) I should get a lot of knitting done that week. I am going to finish the back of the sweater for Leah tonight and then all the pieces have to be blocked before they can be sewn together and the actual finishing, i.e. button band, pockets, etc., be completed. I will take pics tomorrow in the daylight. I do have my socks to work on whilst the blocking takes place.

Bye bye for now!


Marti said...

You should give yourself a knitting Brier challenge, kind of like the knitting Olympics. See what you can get finished in a week.

lexa said...

I have to take the oldest one to curling this afternoon from 3:30-5, so I'll be sure to take something to knit! Always do! Glad you mentioned the Brier, he'll probably want to watch a lot of that. Now that he curls and explains stuff to me I don't mind watching it now.

I wonder if I'll ever break down and do the Ravelry thing? Maybe, maybe not.

Off to the grocery store. See you Wednesday night, hopefully!

Heddy said...

sock yarn? I can't believe you bought sock yarn -- lol! thy are highly contagious I tell ya! As I was reading I thought "For taking road trips that didn't involve yarn or knitting, it sure seems like there were a few yarn shops visited and a bit of yarn bought" tee hee!

You sure are getting a lot listed on Ravelry -- I am enjoying seeing all your projects together in one fell swoop --- you sure have made a lot of nice things, Donna. Very inspiring!


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