30 March 2008

Final Sweden Update

I still have the head cold from Hell but have risen from my sick bed to update my blog and my Ravelry page with my yarn purchases in Sweden. I found one of the yarn shops, Deisy Design, that had been suggested to me by the Swedish Knitters group on Ravelry and bought 2 skeins of the most gorgeous yarn:

You cannot tell from the picture, but it is blend of metallic, mohair, wool, polyamid, polyester and acrylic. So it has all these neat textures and colour changes! I am thinking scarves!

Next is just some sock yarn that I also bought there, Fabel Superwash and just because I liked the colours:

Speaking of socks, I finished the pair I was working on during the flight over and at the skating. After the Jumbotron and Euro Sport TV clips of me knitting during the skating, I left my socks at the hotel and didn't knit again until our trip home! So I finished them on the plane from Stockholm to Chicago and started the HandMaiden sock yarn ones in the same pattern again. Boring I know but I have it memorized and I like the short row heels and that is my last pair for a while.

On the non knitting end of things, we did have a wonderful trip and although we were only in Stockholm for 2 days we managed to get a lot done. One of the highlights would be the Vasa Museum. Having heard so many things about this museum, I must say I was not one bit disappointed. It really is amazing and well worth a visit if anyone goes to Stockholm!

I am going to rest my head and stuffy nose and sore throat!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

The new yarns will make great scarves, very pretty. Nice color Fabel, too. The socks turned out nice. I think I'll try that pattern the next time I knit a pair with the bamboo. (Mine washed and wore really nice, I'm impressed.) Hope you feel better soon!

Landerson said...

Hope your feeling better soon:)

Frieda said...

Love your new socks , especially the Handmaiden sock yarn ones , such a pretty shade of blue . Nice wooly souvenirs of your trip to Sweden. Hope you feel better soon !


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