14 March 2008

Almost Time to Head out to Sweden

I am trying to get everything ready for my trip to Sweden. I have my sock yarn in neat balls, I am taking enough for 2 pair of socks. Then I have the Disco scarf I am taking on the needles and ready to go. These will go in my checked luggage as they are on my Addi Turbos. I am also packing extra bamboo and Pony Pearls in my checked luggage, in case my hand luggage ones get absconded with by the knitting police!

If perchance I get to keep my little, pathetic, not much bigger than toothpicks, bamboo needles when I get to securtiy at Heathrow, I should get a fair amount of knitting done as we are either flying or in an airport all day long. Not sure how much will actually get done at the rink. If I do happen to knit up all my yarn, then I will just have to find a yarn store in Gothenburg. Having already scoped out the situation, I happen to know that there are at least 2 in the vicinity of my hotel!

I am working like a crazy person on the sleeves for the cabled sweater for Reese. I should have them finished by tomorrow night if I can maintain my current pace! With the curling on tonight I should get a couple of more inches done!

Nothing much else going on. They are of course, calling for a snow storm on the weekend which could impact my trip. The friend I am traveling with is supposed to arrive home from Florida Saturday, so I hope she doesn't get caught up in this potential storm. And then we fly out on Sunday evening, so, we will have to wait and see what the weather gods have in store for NS the next 2 days.

Bye bye for now.


sue said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip to Sweden. Sounds like fun with a bit of knitting planned too. I really like that little sweater you are knitting, and the color is so nice too.

lexa said...

Hope you have a great trip and get to check out one or two of the yarn stores, even if you don't run out of yarn! The forecast for today isn't sounding very good. I am working, and Saturdays are quiet enough as it is without a storm keeping everyone at home. Been selling a lot of yarn the last few days. Daphne always said that when a storm was in the forecast it got busy.

I will set aside one of those books for you, that way it will be here when you get back if you can't get in today to get it. They are a hot little item right now and selling fast. I guess I'll be ordering another dozen with my next order!

Landerson said...

Keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates:)


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