12 February 2008


I was visiting Frieda's blog, Restless Needles, where I saw this WeatherPixie at the top of her page. She is such a cute little thing and dresses appropriately for the local weather. So of course I decided I must have me one of these things. You can have your choice of pixies in all races and hair colours. I chose the blonde who is a bit younger than me, but who cares. I am thinking that this should alleviate me from any further need to comment on the weather. I am going to call her Sunny, hoping that will influence her daily outlook!

Today is pedicure and hair day so that kills most of the afternoon. Tonight is the remainder of the Westminster Dog Show which we are watching to scope out dogs that we might like to bring into our home as a second dog and companion for Mags. And a companion for me as Maggie is now totally John's dog. She is loving with me when he is not home, otherwise she is plastered to the side of his leg! So far we are liking terriers, mainly the Irish terrier, the Lakeland Terrier and the Welsh Terrier. Strange how all three look very much like an Airedale only smaller! We will see if tonight offers us anything else we might like!

Bye bye for now!


Marti said...

I was watching that last night too! Of course, I was really into the herding group. I dozed off though, but managed to wake up in time to see the German Shepherd prance around the ring. Then I went to bed, so I didn't find out who made top four in that group. I think I'll watch the rest tonight too!

lexa said...

I watched some kind of dog show over the weekend, think it was from BC and had an Australian judge. I caught the end where they had the top from each category and determined the best of show. I was rooting for the little pug (got a soft spot since I had one when I was a kid), and I also loved the Alaskan Malamute. The winner of the herding group won best of show.

Anonymous said...

While you are thinking about dogs, how about knitting another pair of slippers, for your b-i-l in Bath... his are down to bare soles with bits holding them together. He has lived in them from the day he got them ! How's the knee mending ?

Landerson said...

How 'bout that little begal?


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