25 February 2007

Heading South

We are off this morning for our trip to Florida. John is loading the car as I sit here and type. Miss Mags knows something is up and she has been really clingy the last couple of days. She knows what it means when the suitcases come out! She will be having a lovely visit at the boarders, otherwise known as summer camp. She does actually love it there so we are lucky that way! But we will miss her sooooo much!

Stopping in this afternoon for a visit with Lauren, Mark and little Reese and then off to Bangor for the night. Serious driving for the next few days! And then lo and behold, we will be down in Florida with nice warm temps.

So I am to shower and finish packing and then we're off! I have my knitting all ready to go as well as several pattern books so I can look for yarn down there!

Bye bye for now!

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