14 January 2007


I finished the cabled sweater for Pete today and have it all ready to go out in the mail tomorrow!! It looks so cute and I am sure this will fit him perfectly.
And I started the little pink one for Miss Reese. I have the lacy trim done and the next step in to pick up stitches from the trim and start the body. I will start that after I get back from the city Monday. I have to take my SUV into the car shop to get it fixed and they need it all week. So I have to go despite the fact that we are supposed to have snow all day and this will be the first real snow of the season for us. What luck is that?

Wednesday I am back in the city for the rest of the week. Lauren & Reese and I are going to Canadian Championships ..... figure skating of course. We have a suite at the Marriott Residence Inn which is just 2 blocks from the Metro Center. Really convenient, especially with the little one. It has a full kitchen as well as living room and 2 bedrooms, so we will all be able to sleep! I think we'll have a great time!

That's it. Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

That sweater is gorgeous! I can't wait to see Shannon post pictures on her blog of it "in action"!

Have fun in the city. Sounds like a great place to stay (the Marriott). I'm sure you'll all have fun.

Debbie said...

Super sweater, Donna. Shee-it! A suite, no less...how posh. Have a lovely time, kissey kissey to everyone!

Shannon said...

Great sweater - Pete will look great in it and will need it with the cold weather up here lately. I'll post some pictures for sure!
Have fun in Halifax . . . wish I was there (minus my boys, of course!)


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