18 November 2006

Maggie's New Best Friend

Lauren and Reese are visiting us for the weekend and Miss Mags just thinks she is the neatest thing! She is always trying to play with her, but in the gentlest ways.
She would lick her to death, but Lauren frowns on that, mainly because of her personal grooming issues. Maggie's that is. She will do her personal grooming and then go and try to lick little Reese! But they both are enjoying each other's company. I am afraid that Lauren's dog Cash is not quite as taken with the little one as Mags is, so Reese is having a great time watching and interacting with Maggie!

And her grandfather is too.

We went to Halifax yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. Fortunately we got everything we needed at the Halifax Shopping Center, so we were pleased. Miss Reese is not fussy about being in the car any length of time, so she was a bit fussy on the drive home. Other than that she has been the perfect guest, sleeping through the night and just happy and gurgling!

Must go now. Things to do.

Bye bye for now!


Dorothy said...

She is beautiful!!

lexa said...

She's a cute! My boys loved the car when they were little. It pretty much always knocked them out.

Debbie said...

I'm convinced she looks just like her great Auntie Deb, which explains why she is so beautiful!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Glad she had a nice visit - she's become quite the cutie!


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