10 November 2006

Busy or Lazy

Not sure why I haven't posted lately. I have been very busy lately working on our Liverpool Regional High School 50 Year Reunion committee. I am doing the web site and it is really neat. I registered with MyEvent.com and they have templates for the different pages and I just have to fill it in. Looks great and it is almost ready to be put out in the public for viewing and registering. I will post the link when it is ready.

I have done some knitting however. I finished boiled wool slippers for my friend and another boiled wool purse and a Fizz scarf for my hairdresser for Christmas. Now I am back finishing up some UFOs. I am currently working on the multi striped sweater that I started in the spring. I am almost through the first sleeve. The body has been finished as you can see. So then all that is left will be the second sleeve and neck and sewing in the hundreds of ends!!!! And I just noticed that the sleeves are not going to work out right. The pattern is supposed to match when I reach the decrease for the armhole, and it looks like that is not going to happen. :((

I am off to walk Miss Maggie and then into town. We are going to movie, Stranger Than Fiction tonight. Not a big Will Ferrell fan, but the premise sounds really good and I like all the other stars so I hope it will be good. It is time for a really good chuckle.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

Enjoy the movie! I'm not a big fan of his, either. I have the movie, "Elf", but I haven't watched it yet.

The sweater looks great. I'm not much at working with more than one color at a time. I can, but I'm slow and awkward. I need to learn how to hold the yarn properly.

Dorothy said...

The ends, oh the ends! That's enough to make me not want to knit that sweater :)
Sun is coming up, looks like we are in for another beautiful day.
Hope the movie was good.

Shannon said...

The sweater looks great and very difficult to do. I hope you had fun at the movie!!!


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