03 November 2005

Back again

I have been out of commission with the head cold from hell and then off to the city for 4 days to work at our provincial championships. Between the two things I was worn out and my knees were killing me. I have been so busy I didn't realize how bad the arthritic knees had become until I was at the rink working 14 hour days on cement floors. Pain and agony and hugely swollen knee!! So I saw the doctor when I got home and he put me on an oral anti inflammatory medication and an ointment of the same drug to apply locally and Hallelujah I am having some good results. I can walk again, the swelling in my knee has gone down and I can even move in bed without waking myself up with the pain!!

So I am off to Ottawa tonight to see the new little grandson who was born whilst I was at the skating competition.

As regards to knitting, I finished a felted bucket hat but I am not pleased with the result. I will check with them at the shop in Mahone Bay to see what I may have done wrong. Also, I finished a childs felted hat with an eyelast brim and pink mittens for our store in town to use as samples. But I forgot to take pictures before I took them in. So now I am working on the felted mittens for Lauren.

I am taking Shannon's finished slippers up to Ottawa with me and the Sirdar blanket for little David Mark. I am also taking my men's pattern book to see if Paul can find a sweater he likes that I could knit for him.

Baby pictures will be posted asap after I get up there!!
That's my update.
Bye Bye for now.

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Sheri said...

Have a nice trip! Looking forward to seeing pics of the new little one!


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